About Us

Hello everyone!
My name is Stacy Pierce, and I'm married with two beautiful girls and lots of dogs lol. One of my daughters is planning a career in dog training. My younger daughter is in highschool and loves drawing animation, and she's planning a career in it. As far as dogs go, we have Nova, who is my breeding female. She is the reason for sassy in our name, when she was just a puppy I would tell her "No," and she would always talk back. We would have full-on discussions about why she shouldn't be doing something. She's a funny girl. We have Indie, who is Nova’s daughter, and is a beautiful girl! And we have Crowley, who is my breeding male.We also have Genji, who was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at 10 months old. He's a little angel, very sweet and loving; I would do anything for him but due to this we do not breed with him. He is solely a family dog. I have two rescues named Quinn and Mufasa. Quinn is a very sweet girl who is very attached to her momma. Mufasa (I know a dog named Mufasa), but my daughter thought it would be great if people said "Mufasa ooooo" from the Lion King movie. They are all a part of our family, and we love them dearly! 
 I'm a big believer that dogs are good for the soul. If I have a bad day, they brighten it. They are so loving and loyal, it doesn't matter if your hair is a mess and you don't have any make up on they love you all the same, and they're always happy to see you! I believe every kid should grow up with a dog beside them. They will be one of the best friends they'll ever have.
So this is me, just a mom to kids and dogs!